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Kids Good Stuff recipe

Recipe by Charissa & Co

As a wellness coach, I aim to share simple yet delicious meals that are suited to the whole family. With this smoothie, I used Nuzest Wild Strawberry Kids Good Stuff along with some key ingredients like walnuts. The food for the brain.

#Walnuts are the perfect nuts to add to your meals, not only are they versatile, but so high in good nutrients.

Not only are walnuts higher in antioxidant activity compared to other nuts, the more papery the skin the more plant compounds (polyphenols) along with Vit E and melatonin. 

As we know #antioxidants are key in fighting off oxidative stress to our bodies cells, especially when it comes to preventing oxidative damage to the LDL “bad cholesterol .”

Not only do walnuts look like a brain, they certainly are good for our brains. Some studies (Pub.Med) suggest the healthy polyunsaturated fat, vit E and other plant compounds are linked to reducing inflammation in the brain.