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Clean Lean Protein

Recipe by Charissa & Co.

Raw dark cacao, not the creamy milky chocolate…The dark bitter kind is a superfood and actually good for our hormones. Dark chocolate is also high in antioxidants. And these may help flush out excess hormones from the body, maintaining a balance. These healthy minerals from cacao, reduces the amount of stress cortisol in the body.

Leftover roasted pumpkin is the ultimate ingredient for this recipe, make sure you buy the pumpkins that are dark orange inside as they are full of flavour and naturally sweeter. Roast the pumpkin in your airfryer for 40min at 180 degrees for less mess. The next morning this leftover pumpkin is even more flavoursome.

Pumpkin is high in vitamins A and K, both of which are fat-soluble vitamins. Hence why we have added some healthy fats to this smoothie mix. Sesame seeds and tahini paste is anti-inflammatory and great for the hormones, since it contains zinc which helps boost progesterone production.