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Karim Youssef

This scary and terrifying ice cream is perfect for a spooky Halloween party.


Ice-cream base:

1 Cup pre-soaked cashews

1/2 Can coconut cream

1 Tsp vanilla extract

1/3 Cup monk fruit syrup OR 3 Tbsp coconut condensed milk 

3 Scoops Nuzest Rich Chocolate Kids Good Stuff

1/3 Cup nut milk

4 Drops of charcoal colouring (not artificial colouring)**

*Strawberry mixture (1/2 Cup strawberries puréed with 1 Tsp monk fruit powder)

“Blood drizzle”:

1 Cup strawberries
2 Tbsp monk fruit icing (powder)

Recipe by Charissa & Co.

This scary and terrifying ice cream is perfect for a spooky Halloween party.


For the ice-cream, start by adding all the ingredients to your blender apart from the strawberry mixture. This we will only fold into the ice-cream mixture once all the other ingredients are blended. Once you have blended the main ice-cream base, start by folding in your *strawberry mixture. 

Cover and place the ice-cream mixture into the freezer and allow to freeze for 4 hours. 

For the first two hours, stir the mixture in between to prevent “ice crystals forming”. 

Whilst this is in the freezer you can start making the “blood” drizzle by microwaving the strawberries and monk fruit powder for 2 minutes, blend the ingredients to create a puree like texture.

After four hours, you can start serving up your ice-cream.

You might want to allow it to thaw for a few minutes or so, depending on the temperature in your kitchen. A great tip, is to place your ice-cream scoop in hot boiling water as it allows you to scoop the ice-cream mixture with ease.

Once the cones are topped with the ice-cream, you can then drizzle your strawberry “blood” on top.

Notes: ** Using natural colouring to create different colours in kids treats is key, using beetroot is a great natural food colouring, or charcoal powder and perhaps some blackberries. Avoid using artificial colouring, not only is it man made, but it is harmful to the body. 


  • Negatively impacts the functioning of the liver and other vital organs
  • Interfere with the digestive enzymes that our bodies produce to help properly break down the food that we eat
  • Increases intestinal permeability aka “leaky gut”

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