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Vegan Chocolate Oreo NY Style Cookie

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Karim Youssef

Clean Lean Protein
These delicious and easy vegan Oreo cookies are crispy on the edge and gooey in the middle.


190g Cold Vegan Butter 

135g Caster Sugar 

135g Light Brown Sugar 

100g Vegan White Chocolate Chips

100g Crushed Oreo Biscuits

420g Plain Flour 

10g Baking Powder 

1 tsp Salt 

2 Vegan Eggs (Ground Flax/Chia)

1 Scoop Nuzest Smooth Vanilla Clean Lean Protein

Vegan Dark Chocolate Squares

Recipe by Georgina Naomi Xuan

These delicious and easy vegan Oreo cookies are crispy on the edge and gooey in the middle.


Mix butter and sugar together till it resembles crumbly little nuggets. Add in the chocolates and gentley mix them well. Add all the dry ingredients and crushed Oreos in and mix till a sandy breadcrumb consistency. Add in your vegan egg and mix till it comes together into one dough. (You do not want the dough to look like it's creamed together, it should just hold nicely together)

Weight out 100g of dough and gently squish it together. Make a whole in the middle and add your chocolate pieces then press the dough together to cover it. (Do not roll it till a smooth ball, just press the dough together to form a call shape)

Lastly, freeze the dough ball at least 3hrs or overnight. Preheat oven to 180 degree with a lined tray inside. Bake it for 15mins and let it cool to firm up. (The cookie will still be very soft when taken out)

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