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Clean Lean Protein recipe

Recipe by Charissa & Co.

Calories in vs calories out is more than just the nutrient partitioning of foods, it is more. It is all linked to other factors that play a part of the overall law of energy balance.

From Hormonal status, the quality and the level of macronutrients consumed, phytonutrients are also key as t this impacts on our cellular health as well as our recover. Of course keeping physical active and moving our bodies also plays a huge part.

Have a good balanced of macronutrients that suits your body composition as well as lifestyle is key. No one is the same, therefore we need to focus less on others “diets” meal plans and more what our bodies need.

What is post workout meals? This all depends on the type of activity involved as well as the level of activity. Nor does one type of post workout meal work for everyone, therefore you need to take all of the above in account.

A simple post workout recover / breakfast smoothie that is lower to moderate in carbohydrates, higher in proteins and moderate to low in fats, this is a great alternative for those who have completed any activity that allows for more muscle contraction or as a high protein breakfast alternative.