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Karim Youssef

This easy to make Vanilla caramel coffee shake is not only delicious, but healthy too.


1 Cup coconut milk (with 1 Medjool date pre-blended)

2 Blocks of ice

1 Serving of Nuzest Vanilla Caramel Kids Good Stuff

1 Serving of Nuzest Rich Chocolate/Smooth Vanilla Clean Lean Protein

1/2 Cup of iced water

2 Tbsp coconut whipped cream

Recipe by Charissa & Co.

Why not swap out that take out coffee shake the is mostly loaded with syrup sugar and cream?

This easy to make Vanilla caramel coffee shake is not only delicious, but healthy too.

You are getting your own caramel shake free from excess added sugars and trans fats, where most of these cause inflammation and mucus build up.

You can swap the coffee mousse around for vanilla flavour as well. They work well together with Nuzest Vanilla Caramel Kids Good Stuff.


Blend the Coconut milk with ice by adding the Kids Good Stuff Vanilla Caramel flavour. Shake well and set aside. 

In a cup mix the ice cold water with the serving of Nuzest Coffee protein until a mousse consistency is achieved. Once done set aside. Pour your Vanilla Caramel coconut milk with ice to a glass, then mix 1/2 of the coffee mousse with your coconut cream and add a dollop on top of your coconut vanilla caramel shake. Stir lightly and add more mousse.

Drinking with a straw you will get pockets of different flavours come through.


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