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Clean Lean Protein Good Green Vitality recipe

Recipe by Charissa & Co.

It is green + vibrant + full of nutrients. A full macronutrient profile with quality ingredients that is simple to make + simple to digest.

Our gut loves digesting less complex foods + thrives on whole foods that are less processed.

Not all calories are created equal + your digestion knows this. Yes a small pack of pretzels might have the same calories like an apple for example, but how the body digests these two foods are completely different along with the after effects.

We digest food that contains potential energy, these chemical bonds need to be broken down into energy that our body can use and recognise. 

Balancing energy from food within the body all depends on the:

  • Type of food we eat
  • How those foods are cooked / prepared
  • How our bodies recognise those foods allowing for effective, easy digestion + absorption
  • How well we have slept, our stress levels
  • Even our mindset

Stress + lack of sleep along with dehydration can impact our digestion + lifestyle drastically. Not only causing inflammation but affecting our hunger + fullness q’s along with our overall digestion.

When we stress or eat fast, we tend to activate our fight or flight mechanism, therefore our Sympathetic nervous system goes crazy, shutting our digestion down instead of stimulating our digestion.

Having good rest + hydrate + exercise + balanced nutrition we have taken a small action that can lead to daily practices.

I added Good Green Vitality to this not only for the great taste, but the other benefits of providing vitality + balance, along with the combination of nutrients + adaptogenic herbs that supports our cognitive function + supports by stimulating our serotonin levels. Serotonin is mostly used in our GI tract, therefore less stress, good nutrients + exercise balances the serotonin that is responsible for stimulating the peristalsis within the gut.