Strawberry Swirl Ice-Cream
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Strawberry Swirl Ice-Cream

Clean Lean Protein recipe

Recipe by @charissa_and_co_wellness


Often commercially store bought ice-cream is acid causing on the body. Therefore it is always key to take that in account that we want to rather look at having more alkaline foods within our lifestyle.  Too much acid causing foods would cause more inflammation.

Why is it important that the product is ‘alkaline’?

Our body requires finely controlled pH levels in the blood (as well as tissues and other fluids) in order to maintain optimal health. Modern diets and non-vegan protein sources may cause an increase in acidity in the blood, which then needs to be buffered by the body breaking down bone and muscle tissue to free up ‘basic’ (alkaline) compounds. Clean Lean Protein provides a high level of good quality protein, without contributing to acid overload in the body