Clean Lean Protein   recipe

Recipe by Charissa & Co.

OPTION 1 - Dehydrator

OPTION 2 - Oven

I have used my dehydrator for this as I wanted to dry it on a slow heat for a longer period, however you can use your oven.

Why make your own? Well, firstly you know what goes into your morning granola...Secondly, you can make it your own according to what you like. Thirdly, it is more cost effective and it is also a lot cleaner and less processed than commercial factory-made granolas.

Some granolas are inflammatory causing. Not only do some granola’s look “healthy’ on the packaging they are actually the opposite. Once you actually look at the label you will be surprised as to what goes into this so called marketed “healthy granola”.


3 Cups of Organic Oat flakes

1 Ripe banana

2 Cups of sliced strawberries

2 Servings of Nuzest Wild Strawberry Clean Lean Protein

1 Teaspoons vanilla extract

1/2 Teaspoon cinnamon

3 Large Medjool dates (soaked and blended) purée

1 Large tablespoons of coconut oil

3 Tablespoons of unsweetened desiccated coconut

1/2 Cup of chopped raw walnuts and macadamia nuts

1 Tablespoon of almond butter

Equipment required - Large mixing bowl, baking sheet or tray / dehydration tray. And your HANDS people. Make sure you wash your hands. 


Mash everything together with your hands in the large mixing bowl until the oat flakes are complete covered with all the other ingredients. 

Splay out in your tray. Have thicker clusters in between for a variety in texture.

Dehydrate - 45 Degrees Celsius for 10 hours overnight 

Bake - 100 Degrees Celsius for 20min, please watch after 10min.

Ready, allow to cool and store in your glass jars.

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