Clean Lean Protein   Kids Good Stuff
, SERVES:1 Adult or 2 Kids

Recipe by Charissa & Co.

Stuck in quarantine? Along with having very limited options, especially when you are within a quarantine facility and not your home.

First thing first, good nutrition is key. Adding a variety of whole-foods to our days will provide your body with much needed macronutrients along with micronutrients like vitamins and minerals.

Most meals come with steamed rice, if not then request to receive steam rice instead of fried rice.

You can spice up your breakfast strategy for the week using your steamed rice.

All you need is some key ingredients that you can keep aside and add to your rice base for versatility in making your rice porridge.


1 Cup of steamed rice (either leftover from the night before in the fridge) or freshly steamed. 

1/2 Cup freshly chopped strawberries 

1 Serv of Nuzest Wild Strawberry Kids good stuff or Nuzest Wild Strawberry Clean Lean Protein

1 Tbsp Monk fruit syrup *

1 Tbsp cashews

Few sprinkles of hempseed 

1 Cup of nut milk 


Mix the above ingredients together until thoroughly mixed.

Enjoy as it is or you can add some coconut yoghurt with additional slices of strawberry and banana

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