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Karim Youssef

Clean Lean Protein recipe
These Crispy seeded crackers are easy to make, plus they are full of much needed healthy fats.


1/2 Cup of hempseeds

1/2 Cup of flaxseeds

3 Tablespoons of Chia seeds

2 Tablespoons of pumpkin seeds

1 Stem fresh rosemary

Pinch of salt

1 Serving of Nuzest Chia Turmeric + Maca Clean Lean Protein

1 Teaspoon of monk fruit syrup 

Pinch of sea salt

Recipe by Charissa & Co.

These Crispy seeded crackers are easy to make, plus they are full of much needed healthy fats.

A good balance of healthy fats provide us with energy, it helps make hormones and it balances our hormone levels.

Some important fat-soluble vitamins are dependent on fats, as fats support the transport of Vit A,D,E and K.

Chia seeds - are loaded with fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids. 

Chia seeds are high in quality protein.

Adding a good amount of protein to each meal does not only stimulate satiety but provides our bodies with the amino acids to build complex structures within our body, from hair, skin, cells to enzymes and more.

Food preparation + processing does matter at the end of the day, how our food is prepared and cooked, does affect how the body uses and digests the nutrients. Therefore not all calories are created equal.


Pre-soak the chia, pumpkin and flaxseeds in 1 Cup of filtered water overnight.

Once soaked, it would have expanded in the water, drain whatever excess water there is.

In a large bowl, start mixing all the other ingredients. Once mixed.

Splay out on your baking sheet or your dehydrated sheet.

Ideally with seeds we want to maintain a low temperature to avoid the healthy fats in becoming ‘rancid’ high temperatures tend to make the healthy fats become rancid as they are heat sensitive.

Ideally dehydrate at 45 Degrees Celsius in the dehydrator for 10-12 hours overnight, or lightly dehydrate bake in the oven at 50 Degrees.

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