Vegan Protein Brownie
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Vegan Protein Brownie

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As a frequent traveller who enjoys eating homemade food, all my recipes are travel-friendly, that means:
  1. The ingredients used can be easily obtained, otherwise easily replaced by something else from your local grocery store.
  2. The amounts of the ingredients used are estimated and should be modified to personal preference.
Some notes worth taking in this brownie recipe:
  1. I love dark chocolate, ideally, I would have used 100% cacao but it did not make sense to buy the entire pack of cacao for this so I used 86% cacao dark chocolate instead as it was the highest % cacao chocolate I could find.
  2. Nuzest’s protein can be used to thicken the texture of your brownie paste in case of too much dilution (in this case caused by my love for soy milk).
  3. Eggs can be used to either make your brownie more fudge-like (pastier) or more cake-like (fluffier). When more eggs are used, your brownie will turn out more cake-like. Also, the bake time is longer for cake-like brownie.
  4. Eggs can be replaced with an egg substitute/replacer for vegans.

This recipe was contributed by the amazing'Theng Tyng Follow her on Instagram at @thengtynggoh