Soothing Chai Turmeric Cups

Soothing Chai Turmeric Cups
Dairy free Sugar free vegan

Sweeten up your dessert table with these protein-packed soothing chai turmeric cups.



¾ cup coconut flour

½ cup walnuts (blitzed into flour)

3 tablespoons coconut oil (more if needed)

1 serve Nuzest Functional Flavour Clean Lean Protein Chai Turmeric + Maca

1 teaspoon cinnamon

2 tablespoons pure maple syrup

½ teaspoon turmeric


1 cup soaked cashews and macadamias (overnight if possible)

1 can coconut cream (thickened set part on top)

Clean Lean Protein

Clean Lean Protein

500g (20 Servings)

$69.50 SGD

MethodINGREDIENTS BASE Blend all ingredients in a food processor Press firmly into mould so it won‚Äôt crumble Freeze for2 hours (minimum)   INGREDIENTS FILLING & DECORATION Blend all ingredients in a food processor till smooth (will usually take 3 minutes) Pull frozen bases out of freezer Pour filling into moulds on top of the base Sprinkle cinnamon and pepitas on top if you choose to add them Cover in cling wrap and put back into freezer Set for minimum 2 hours
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