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Raspberry Kiwi Delight With this beautiful refreshing blend I added the Good Green Stuff from Nuzest. Apart from its delicious taste, it also provides you with much needed nutrients, you can even enjoy this on its own, by mixing it in some fresh coconut water, or plain water.

At times I do enjoy making a super green smoothie, by adding my CLEAN GREENS. Not only does the greens provide you with your much needed pre & probiotics, but it is also gentle on the stomach.

With my stomach being very sensitive and susceptible to irritations from certain foods, this is the ideal greens.

Gut & bowl health is a vital key for our everyday wellness, not only is the stomach your second brain, the gut is the place where all our food is digested, metabolised & absorbed to be delivered into the bodies cells providing the body with energy, therefore the process of breaking down food creates bioactive compounds that can either support the body or cause inflammation.