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Guavas are an excellent source of fibre, so why not enjoy more guavas as it’s known to increase bowel movements & prevent constipation.

Guava is certainly part of the Low GI fruits, Low in sugar and calories, I love incorporating this fruit into smoothie bowls. High in fibre, it also goes really well with so many other fruits.

Pears are Low in calories, pears can help lower Inflammation within the body, inflammation is the root cause of most illnesses.

Also being high in fibre makes this a delicious fibre filled smoothie bowl, even ideal to have as breakfast instead of the usual refined porridge. Pears are know to contain high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin K and boron, which aid in bone health.

Dr Draxe speaks about pears also aiding to improve circulation, peristalsis in the gut as well as a good source for lowering cholesterol along with allowing for healthier kidney function due to the antioxidants present in pears.