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Olivia's Magnificent Smoothie Bowl

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James LaBove

Dairy free Meal_breakfast Meal_smoothie Product_clean-lean-protein Sugar free vegan


1/4 cup purple dragonfruit

1/4 cup mango

1/4 cup strawberries

1/4 cup persimmon

1 T passionfruit

1 scoop Nuzest Smooth Vanilla Protein Powder

Apple Juice

Toppings such as granola, acai powder, nuts, flax, chia seeds etc...

This dairy-free vegan purple smoothie bowl is overflowing with antioxidants, omegas & fiber to keep you nourished. Decadently filling with superfoods that taste amazing and extra protein that will sustain you throughout the day. For more of Olivia's beautiful smoothie bowls and musings on life visit her on Instagram @elkantlers.


Blend until smooth, adding apple juice to achieve the desired consistency. Top with your favorite crunchy superfoods, like granola, acai powder, nuts, flax or chia seeds.