Green Yoghurt and Raspberry Parfait

Green Yoghurt and Raspberry Parfait
Dairy free vegan
Time: 30min, Serves: 4

Brighten up a dreary morning with this delicious, easy and nutritious breakfast. Good Green Stuff, raspberries, yoghurt and muesli - a match made in haven! This fresh and easy parfait that can be tailored to individual taste or dietary requirements.


1 regular tub dairy free vanilla yoghurt

1-2 tsp Good Green Stuff


Muesli or granola


1. Mix the Good Green Stuff with the vanilla yoghurt.

2. Spoon small amount into the bottom of a glass or jar.

3. Add a layer of muesli or granola and then a layer of berries.

4. Continue layering the yoghurt mixture, muesli and berries until you reach the top of glass.

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