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James LaBove

Dairy free Meal_breakfast Meal_smoothie Product_clean-lean-protein vegan


1/2 Frozen Banana

1/2 Green Apple for the smoothie

1 serving of @nuzest Clean Lean vanilla

1/2 Teaspoon cinnamon

100ml Coconut water

2 Tablespoons of coconut yoghurt or DIY

4 Activated Walnuts

Nuzest Clean Lean is Natural with deliciousness, natural flavours, sweetened only with an extract from the West African Katemfe fruit. No added sugar. No gluten, dairy, soy or GMOs. Nothing artificial. Just goodness.

I added cinnamon to this smoothie bowl as it balances really well with the vanilla Nuzest Clean Lean protein powder.

Cinnamon is also one of my favorites, apart from being a natural sweetener, it also has a healthy Antioxidants protect your body from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Cinnamon is also loaded with powerful antioxidants, such as polyphenols, along with its anti-inflammatory benefits, therefore less inflammation within the body, allows the body to Naturally fight infections and repair tissue damage.


Mix all in your blender and enjoy.

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