Protein Balls
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Protein Balls

This no bake protein balls recipe by @thessaaay is so perfect for easy snacking on-the-go!⁠


Quaker oats (raw) 

2table spoon peanut butter 

A handful of almonds(nuts of your choice) 

Almond milk (add till its sticky) 

2 Turkish Figs 

Oat biscuit (1packet) 

Nutella chocolate spread (for filling inside) 


1) mix in oats, nuts to blender till its powdery 

2) add in figs , peanut butter or any spread of your choice. 

3) add in almond milk till texture is sticky enough to make into a ball 

4) crushed up oat biscuit in a separate bowl 

5) pour in mixture into biscuits, stir 

6) take a bit of dough , flatten it and add in Nutella chocolate inside and roll it up into a ball