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Karim Youssef

Clean Lean Protein recipe

Making breakfast simple and easy for yourself gives you opportunity to know what goes in it and you won’t end up grabbing some pastry’s on your way out.


1 Cup of cooked quinoa (left to cool)

4 Tablespoons of chia seeds

1/2 Cup of mixed Berry puréed 

1 Serving of Nuzest Smooth Vanilla Clean Lean Protein

1/2 Cup of coconut yoghurt 

1 Almond Keto cookie (home baked) 

1 Fresh passion fruit

Recipe by Charissa & Co.

Some tips for the week ahead... simple fuss free on the go breakfast jars? 

Making breakfast simple and easy for yourself gives you an opportunity to know what goes in it and you won’t end up grabbing some pastry on your way out.

The structure of the foods vary, opting for more whole less processed vs refined commercially produced products play a significant role in how the body uses, processes and stores those nutrients.

This breakfast has a good combination of healthy fats, high fiber carbohydrates and of course a good amount of much needed protein.

The structure of the type of fat, carb and protein affects how we process it within the body. 

This overnight simple easy to make overnight quinoa porridge is not only slow releasing but it also takes more energy to digest. Unlike commercial refined carbohydrate sugar loaded breakfast cereals. These commercial processes “breakfasts” usually don’t use much of the bodies energy to digest, plus it releases more energy a lot quicker than what your body needs (fast releasing carbohydrates) therefore the excess glucose gets stored in the body mostly in the fat tissue and liver.


Mix the chia seeds with the berry purée and set aside.

Taking your two glass jars, filling them 1/3 of quinoa.

In a separate bowl mix the clean lean vanilla protein and coconut yoghurt together. Set aside.

Go back to the Glass jars, topping the quinoa base with the chia berry purée, option to crumble the Leto cookie on top of the chia purée, then add the vanilla protein coconut yoghurt finally finish it off with some fresh passion fruit. Cover and leave in the fridge overnight.

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