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Clean Lean Protein

Recipe by Charissa & Co.

I always aim to share healthier food swaps, especially by replacing high sugar foods with low to no sugar alternatives. With this overnight breakfast I wanted to keep two things in mind! One being no refined sugar or fast releasing sugars, therefore this recipe does not spike blood sugar levels due to the use of SMART ingredients. Secondly, I wanted a keto friendly overnight breakfast that is different to the usual overnight oats, chia or weetbix porridge people now seem to do. Another benefit to this porridge, is that it is hormone friendly with oestrogen boosting (stabilising) ingredients.

Flaxseed may stabilize blood sugar levels + it promotes healthy blood sugar levels.

My hormone balancing recipe is usually 2 Tbsp of ground flax seeds per day, although some studies suggest that whole flax seeds can work too.

I do however recommend storing your flax seeds in the fridge to preserve the healthy oils, as flaxseeds are heat sensitive and it can go rancid if temperatures are too hot.