By @charissa_and_co_wellness

A Simple ingredient recipe, using a good blend of ABC Nut butter or Almond butter as the main centre with added plant protein, covered in your choice of dark sugar free chocolate. I usually make my own chocolate, however for spending less time you can buy your preferred sugar free dark chocolate, usually look for those that are Low sugar (keto friendly)

ABC Nut butter is a fantastic ingredient to use in your keto recipes or even enjoyed on its own.

Known to be low in carbs, high in healthy fats and contains a good dose of plant-based protein.

Ensure the nut butter you use is all natural with no added sweetners as this will indeed affect the carb ratio and not longer be “keto friendly”.


1 1/2 Cup of your ABC Nut butter or Almond Butter

1 Cup of unsweetened desiccated coconut 

2 Tablespoons of your preferred sweetener

1 Teaspoon of vanilla extract

Pinch of ceylon cinnamon

2 Servings of Coconut Coffee Clean Lean protein @nuzest_singapore

COATING: Your choice of dark sugar free chocolate


Line a large plate or tray with non stick paper & set aside.

Take your mixing bowl, or you if you have a food processor you  can use that as well.

Mix all the ingredients, either by hand or in the food processor, keeping the “chocolate” aside.

If the ingredients are too wet, you can add a bit more almond flour or flaxseed meal, if too dry then just add a bit of nut butter and a touch of coconut oil.

Once done, use your hands to roll your bite size balls, don’t make them too big. Bite size is good.

Set the balls aside in the freezer whilst you melt the chocolate, make sure you don’t burn the chocolate if you are doing it in the microwave, my preferred method is on top of the stove.

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