Matcha Nice Cream

Matcha Nice Cream

This Matcha Nice Cream recipe by @Edith_wkw will satisfy all your ice cream cravings.


- 100g froze banana 

- 14g nuzesthk clean lean protein vanilla matcha 

- 5g Organic matcha powder

- 10g steamed red kindybean 


Refrigerating some bananas in the refrigerator allows you to enjoy healthy and delicious desserts. Desserts that can be easily served with a simple food processor.


1.Refrigerating some bananas in the refrigerator over night (you can make more for served next time) 


2.Put fronzed banana,clean lean protein vanilla matcha, Organic matcha powder to the food processor mix it well


3.You can eat right, If you like a firm taste, put it back in the refrigerator for an hour.


4.Put the kindybean on top and enjoy

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