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Clean Lean Protein Kids Good Stuff recipe

Recipe by Charissa & Co.

As October is the month where we celebrate the theme ‘Give Hope’. Save Lives - known as Breast cancer awareness month. With the pink ribbon representing fear of breast cancer, hope for the future along with the goodness of people to support breast cancer. 

Marked across countries world wide, this movement was aimed to increase attention and support the awareness around it as well as women being early educated around this.

I made this simple pink yet delicious overnight chia pudding with a touch of fresh strawberries to complement the pink theme for breast cancer awareness month.

It is made simple. A Strawberry Chia Pudding that is versatile + perfect for a fuss free breakfast. Not only is, it creamy + delicious, but a great alternative to serve as a dessert too.

Adding a whole macronutrients profile to your first meal of the day is not only a great way to get you started but also allows for that slow consistent release of energy along with the feeling of satiety thanks to the fiber from the chia + the protein.

Chia seeds are versatile but also loaded with nutrients, these little black seeds are often underestimated. They provide many benefits to both the body + brain.

The word chia is derived from ancient wording meaning “strength”. In correlation to ‘Breast cancer awareness’ Women have strength.

2 Tablespoons roughly equate to 28g, providing around 11g of fibre + 4g of protein. The fat found in chia seeds are also mostly Omega-3 fats.

Chia seeds are known to be a low carb alternative as most of the carbs are fibre, therefore the majority of these seeds are soluble fibre as they mix with water + as chia seeds can expand, around 10-12 times their weight in water, therefore adding more bulk to your stool.

Adding Nuzest Wild Strawberry Clean Lean Protein/ Kids Good Stuff Wild Strawberry you are not only adding flavour but also finishing the overall profile of a good nutrient rich breakfast free from any processed ingredients.

Protein at breakfast is key, not only does it lower appetite + but is also great for slowing down energy release + reducing unnecessary cravings. Protein also has a high Thermic response as the body uses more energy to process + digest these proteins. Therefore we increase the metabolic activity within the body.

Protein from the chia seeds + by adding Nuzest, we have completed the overall essential amino acid profile.