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Clean Lean Protein recipe

Recipe by Charissa

Nutrition to me is about understanding your UNIQUE habits along with what those habits influence on your daily lifestyle. I often remind myself of this and by sharing with my clients on social media, or in person.


This is why I wanted to create a simple yet easy meal that is not only healthy but delicious too. With each ingredient selected you can most certainly opt for another alternative within the same category. For example, not keen on Hemp seeds, swap for macadamia nuts or sesame seeds. Remember as we are all unique, we all have different taste buds and we should respect each other’s uniqueness.


Being healthy and having your own healthy meals as to what you like is not boring. Often I just remind myself that when I hear this, I see it as a weakness of the other party saying being healthy is boring because they know it is something different out of their comfort zone that requires discipline and courage. IT HAS absolutely nothing to do with boring.


So, for those of you, especially ladies, if you are trying to add more healthy dishes to your days. Please do so, don’t be influenced by what other people say. At the end of the day, you will be smiling.


One thing I have learnt, is to care less what other people think and care more about what I think and what I believe in.


I am not perfect, I don’t want to be perfect. I just want to be my own perfectly healthy fit self.