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Good Green Vitality recipe

Recipe by Charissa & Co.

Often heard the saying, you are what you eat?

In a way we need to also look at the "type" of foods we eat, not just the pure number "calories" as not all calories are created equal.

Less processed foods have less calories in volume, vs a smaller amount of processed food that is going to burn off quickly and leave you feeling hungry, lethargic and perhaps even dehydrated.

The structure of the foods we eat, does affect how the body behaves.

Macronutrients come in different types, therefore they do affect the digestion/processing and transport to cells in different ways.

This super green overnight porridge, is not only made from whole food, but also balanced with protein and healthy fats.

The less processed the food, the more energy it will take to digest vs highly processed breakfast cereal.

Adding protein does not only promote muscle repair and growth. Adding protein, leads to building complex structures like neurotransmitters, enzymes and more.