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Clean Lean Protein Good Green Vitality

Recipe by Charissa & Co.

Let’s get down to the BONES! Healthy bones are just as important!

As studies (science) unpicks the complexity when it comes to your bodies vital systems and bones. It’s not any different than caring for your gut health.

Lifestyle factors not only affect the gut + hormones but also our BONES!

Various factors can influence the health of our bones. If you’re a female it is key for you to know the importance of bone health early.

We all know stress is bad, environmental factors that cause significant amount of stress leads to constant elevated cortisol levels a steroid hormone. This can over a long period increase bone breakdown! Sleep is important for bone health.

Let’s not forget healthy diet and weight bearing exercise.

  • Build bones, stress less

  • Build bones, enjoy some sort of weight bearing exercise

  • Build bones, enjoying a diet full of leafy greens, nuts, seeds, legumes high in phosphorus, Zinc, magnesium and more.

  • Build bones by getting enough SUNSHINE (AKA Vitamin D)

  • Ensure your hormone levels are in check 

These easy to make super green, collagen, omega 3 fats + high in fiber bites are not only Low in calories but they are high in protein + fiber! Containing added calcium + let’s not forget iron and zinc! Enjoy them in the sunshine for a touch of added nutrient benefit.

These bites are Keto and paleo friendly.