Good Green Vitality   recipe
, SERVES:8-12 Mini Magnums

Recipe by Charissa & Co.

It is hot, it is summer so why not right?

You must be wondering what?

Weekend, pool, outdoor time, BBQ’s and some of you might have a bit of an Ice-cream love or craving to cool off in this heat right?

So, why not get those taste buds going with a new twist by making these delicious creamy vegan ‘magnum’ style ice-creams. They are dairy-free, refined sugar-free, plus it is super easy and you can definitely outsmart those cravings.

Plant-based ice-cream definitely doesn’t have to give up on any flavour, creamy in texture or employability. These easy magnums will definitely outsmart those food cravings, so you no longer feel the need to dash off to the local shop for the processed versions!

Make it this evening or friday, it will be ready waiting for you in the freezer for the weekend! Add your protein, greens and you are all set to go!

Whatever lifestyle you follow, keto, paleo vegan, you can enjoy these as they are free from refined sugars, trans fats or any added preservatives.


1 Cup full of fresh coconut flesh

1/3 Cup coconut oil

1 Can organic coconut cream (keep overnight in the fridge) 

1/2 Cup cashew nut butter

3 Tbsp Monk Fruit Syrup

1 Serving Nuzest Good Green Vitality

1/2 Cup cashew nuts (pre-soaked)

1 Tsp Vanilla extract


Blend all the Ingredients until smooth, pour into your moulds and sprinkle/fill the ice-creams with cashews and or chocolate nibs.

Freeze for 3 hours before serving. Allow to thaw for 3min before serving.

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