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Clean Lean Protein Kids Good Stuff

Recipe by Charissa & Co.

Often it can be a challenge to get some kids to eat their greens...

This is where Kids Good Stuff can come in handy. Kids Good Stuff is designed with children’s needs in mind, therefore it gives opportunity to give Kids a all in one multi-vitamin.

It's packed full of vitamins and minerals, plus other great stuff that you won't get from capsules or gummy vitamins. It has all the elements to set your kid up for a good day and a great start in life. 

  • Made from real food including 11 different fruit and veg
  • Vitamin and mineral boost helps to fill any nutritional gaps in their diet 
  • Good for everyone for all ages from 4 and up 
  • For happier insides with pre- and probiotics 
  • Supports healthy bones with 200mg calcium per serve 
  • Aids growth and development with 8g of plant-based protein per serve 
  • Nurtures learning and focus through brain-supportive nutrients 
  • Provides long-lasting energy to help them live, learn, grow and play