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Kids Good Stuff recipe

Recipe by Charissa & Co.

Specific nutrients for energy

-Carbohydrate is the body’s preferred energy source. Try to include complex carbs with each meal and snack to boost energy.

-Protein takes longer for your body to break down and turn into energy so it is a longer lasting energy source that also provides satiety (minimising the risk of reaching for sugary snacks). Kids Good Stuff is a plant-based smoothie mix with 8g a protein in every serve.  

-B vitamins help our bodies extract the energy from the food. Kids Good Stuff (which is packed with a full spectrum of B vitamins), as this vitamin only occurs naturally in animal products.

-Iron is needed to transport oxygen around the body and to the brain.

Kids are what they eat and Kids Good Stuff provides all the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development. Keep them happy and healthy from the inside out!