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Clean Lean Protein recipe

Recipe by Charissa & Co.

We often know that fiber is good in lowering cholesterol levels. Adding fiber to your lifestyle is key in not only allowing for healthy digestion, but also for keeping our cholesterol levels in the healthy zone.

Soluble fiber, dissolves in water. As the soluble fiber dissolves, it creates a gel that may improve our digestion. Along in the reduce of blood cholesterol/ sugar. 
Soluble fiber is also responsible for controlling our blood glucose levels, therefore a slow release in energy after eating your meal. 

Soluble dietary fiber binds to bile salts in the small intestine, this eliminates them. Since we need cholesterol to produce bile salts, our bodies has to use up more cholesterol to bind to the fiber, therefore we lower the cholesterol levels each time we add fiber to our lifestyle.

We also need to monitor our intake of fiber, too much fiber is also not a good thing as this can cause gas, bloating, and where some potential high fiber diets can bind to fat-soluble chemicals that is actually needed in the body, like our hormones. Therefore too much fiber in the diet is also not ideal.

With these oat biscuits I added both soluble and insoluble fiber. Each square has a good amount of your fiber, along with healthy fats and plant based protein.
Oats is a soluble fiber, by adding some walnuts to the mix we added some good fats, along with some insoluble fiber.

An all in one breakfast biscuit, free from processed fats, grains and sugars.