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by @charissa_and_co_wellness

What's your ideal #postworkout meal? Mostly after our workouts our bodies are in need of high quality nutrients rather than quantity or refined processed food, the clean quality of nutrients allows the body to replenish what has been lost, and also allowing the body to receive adequate amount of much needed essential amino acids that our body needs especially after a workout, these amino acids are the building blocks of protein and allow for good quality muscle recovery and allows for lean muscle growth.



Therefore nothing could be handier or more nutritious than the right smoothie because it is super quick and easy. Smoothies are to me not only delicious but so open to be versatile in making what your body needs, knowing the basics of a clean smoothie, allows you to nourish the body according to its needs. Plus it is easy to digest.


Mostly when using #plantbased foods or milks allows for easy digestion, keep in mind that non-dairy protein is more easily digested than your full dairy foods, for me adding greens is an absolute must in most of my smoothies, it not only helps in the reduction of acidity usually produced by intense exercise, and a variety of fruits and vegetables provide needed or even general acid foods you have.



I added my Clean Lean Protein from Nuzest in the Chocolate flavour as I enjoy playing around with the amazing different flavours there are. The chocolate clean lean protein tastes delicious within this smoothie.



Nuzest is super easy to blend in any liquid or smoothie, it is so easy on my digestion, another bonus it is LOW GI, therefore ideal. A high in protein yet low in carbohydrates and fat, it supports healthy weight management when used with the correct lifestyle plan.


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