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Clean Lean Protein recipe

Recipe by Charissa & Co.

These easy to make bites are good for the gut, great for our hormones and nourishes our bones! 

These dessert snacks are even good to have as post workout snack or even when those PMS hormone slump hit us. They are filling and full of goodness along with protein and healthy fats.

We need adequate high fiber carbohydrates for our hormones, healthy fats and of course good quality protein. 

As women we need quality carbohydrates for our hormones, high fiber carbohydrates that are low GI, is key. High fiber carbohydrates help stabilise blood sugar and reduce cortisol levels.

I love using chia seeds in recipes, it turns out that chia seeds really do pack a lot of nutrition into such a tiny food. For example 2 Tbsp of chia seeds packs a whopping 10g of fibre, giving us around 1/3 of the adult recommended daily intake. They are also high in calcium (around 200mg/serve), magnesium (95mg/serve), protein (5g/serve) and omega 3 fatty acids. To top off their glowing health profile, chia seeds have recently been shown to contain significant levels of phytochemicals (antioxidants) which are necessary to prevent free radical damage in the body.

Protein is extremely important for hormone balance since it is known to influence the release of lepton and ghrelin, the hormones that control our appetite and food intake.