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Karim Youssef

Clean Lean Protein Good Green Vitality recipe





Recipe by Charissa & Co 

A good lifestyle is not just being fit, but understanding the importance of our fuel sources AKA meals.  Our Meal-plans are the foundation to great health. We are literally what we eat. Therefore understanding the quality of nutrients along with the outcome is key to leading a healthy lifestyle. 

It is not a diet, it is a meal plan choice that you create around your needs and health goals. Therefore you can still be fit and healthy and enjoy good delicious nutrients from your meals.

Today, I am sharing a very simple easy to make smoothie that you can enjoy as a breakfast, post-workout or even lunch. This is a meal on its own. Whatever your health and fitness goals, always appreciate the fact that our bodies understand and digest plant foods easier than processed foods, why? As it is familiar to our digestion, it is how our bodies thrive, by digesting natural foods, allowing us to be nourished. Not all calories are created equal, it is the quality and bioavailability of nutrients that counts.


First start by blending the green layer, pour into your two glass jars until half. Pop the two glass jars into the fridge while you blend the final layer.

Once you have blended the Blueberry Chocolate layer, you can pour it into the jars to complete two servings.

Enjoy with a little crushed walnuts on top.


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