Is pea protein good for weight loss?
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Is pea protein good for weight loss?

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One of the most common questions we receive at Nuzest is “Is Pea Protein good for weight loss?” 

The simple answer is YES!

In this article we dig into why many people are moving to Pea Protein as part of their weight management and weight loss strategies. We overview how; pea protein assists to suppress appetite, preventing the need to snack or overeat. Also, we will get into specifics of the Nuzest Clean Lean Protein range and how it has been specifically formulated in order to be super low calories as well as no fillers or other sweaters that are essential on a weight loss diet. 

Why is pea protein specifically useful for weight loss?

So, you have likely been hitting the gym or working out, but not seeing your weight change, or body measurements improve. The likely scenario is that you are not focusing on what goes in your mouth!

(Statistic on food addiction)

Specifically, for weight loss there are two very important components that you must control in order for it to work and be maintained over time:

  • Total calories – monitoring calories in and calories out
  • Macro-nutrient composition – each of us is different, however it is highly likely that in Asia, a many peoples carbohydrate centric diet needs to be modified to include more healthy fat, as well as a LOT more protein!

Given these two core components, when you are selecting a protein powder, it is essential to make sure that is:

  • Is low in total calories per serve
  • It contains enough protein for your body to use! 

 This is where pea protein shines!

For many people, when they think of protein a huge bulky weightlifter comes to mind – often tightly linked to Whey protein as popularized by global figures such as Arnold Swatzineger and Sylvester Stylone. The issue with many of these Whey proteins on the market, is that they are not formulated to be a part of a weight loss protocol. Often they will be very high in total calories per serve, because bodybuilders require a HUGE amount of total calories per day, in order to support massive muscle growth from their weight lifting protocol.

Pea Protein on the other hand is ultra clean and low in calories!

For the Nuzest Clean Lean Protein range is particular there is under 100g per serve of highly digestible and usable protein. In fact, pea protein is the best plant-based protein to lose fat and gain muscle now. 

Added to the low total calories per serve, Nuzest Clean Lean Protein is ideal for weight loss because it also has an amazing ratio of protein per serve.  Depending on flavours, you will be getting 21g of protein per 23g serve. This is important to note, as many other brands in the market both plant based and Whey, may make claims to very high protein amounts, however when you look at the serving size, you will notice that often the competitors will make you consume double in order to get the same amount of protein.

There are also a number of other reasons why Pea Protein is ideal for weightloss.  

These include: 

  • It is a complete protein, which means it contains all 9 essential amino acids (including BCAA’s) in it. Specifically, these are; valine, tryptophan, threonine, phenylalanine, lysine, leucine, methionine, isoleucine, and histidine. 
  • It contains a variety of antioxidants and is better at suppressing hunger and cravings than dairy protein.
  • The Nuzest range is natural, readily available, gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO
  • It is the best healthy alternative to animal protein.
  • Blends well into a host of food and tastes absolutely divine.
  • Ideal for everyone from youngsters to elderly!

So What is a pea Protein?

It is exactly as the name suggests – dietary fiber or components derived from peas.   Not the green peas that you may eat with dinner, these are specifically grown yellow peas in the Nuzest range, exclusively from Europe. This quality is important and sets apart the Nuzest range from others in the market.

Once peas are cultivated, they are refined using a non-chemical, cold water process down to a fine powder. To give you are breakdown of a typical serve of Nuzest Clean Lean Protein (25g) so you can understand how it may fit into your diet. The best selling Nuzest Smooth Vanilla Clean Lean Protein contains:

  • 114 calories 
  • 0.4g fat – contains zero percent Trans or saturated fat 
  • 1.2-grams carbs 
  • 19-21g protein

Weight-loss Doesn’t Needs to be restrictive, bland or boring:

This is a common fear of someone going on a weight loss or management diet. Their ‘favorite foods’ are going to be ripped away and replaced by bland, flavorless and limited choices!

This is simple untrue!

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein can be mixed and made into a variety of yummy recipes that are not only high in protein, but also low in calories, making it the perfect for weigh-tloss.

Here are some amazing examples of suitable ideas: 

  • Smoothies
  • healthy ice cream
  • Snacks
  • Dinners and deserts!

Using Pea Protein to suppress appetite and cravings

By increasing your protein consumption, you will find that you will feel ‘fuller’ after meals.

This is called being satiated and it is part of our genetic makeup!

Some people have genes that enable them to deal with hunger better. For those who have poor genes when it comes satiety, overeating and eating too much frequently are huge problems when it comes to weight loss and suppress cravings.  Pea protein is ideal as outlined above, not only because you’re getting the much needed protein hit, but also super low calories. The combination of which helps you stay on track even if you need to have a frequent shake in order to no lose control.

Pea Protein also naturally contain ghrelin and cholecystokinin that suppresses hunger and keeps you full for longer. Specifically; Cholecystokinin also suppresses craving and makes you feel satisfied with the food you have eaten as well as:

  • Boosts your metabolism rate to enable your body to burn more fat in areas that are needed.
  • It is a great source to re-energize your body after a serious workout. 

 In review, if you are looking for the ideal protein to be part of a weight loss plan then Nuzest Clean Lean Protein is a perfect fit for your needs.

Disclaimer: The information provided on Nuzest is for educational and informational purposes only. The information provided on this site is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional advice or care. Please speak to your qualified healthcare professional in the event that something you have read here raises questions or concerns regarding your health.