Can Clean Lean Protein Be Used To Gain Weight?
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Can Clean Lean Protein Be Used To Gain Weight?

Nuzest's Clean Lean Protein is recognized as one of the popular animal protein alternatives for many athletes and health-conscious individuals. It has shown incredible results in muscle recovery, appetite control, weight loss, and healthy digestion. How about if you need to gain weight? Can you use Clean Lean Protein to achieve your weight gain goals?

Yes, you can! Clean Lean Protein is not only good for weight loss, but it can also help gain weight the healthy way. Bear in mind that the idea of weight gain should not always be seen as something negative. Whether you are overweight or underweight, all that matters is that you aim to achieve a healthy weight and maintain good dietary habits and lifestyles.

In this post, let's talk about weight gain in a positive light and find out how Clean Lean Protein can help you.

Who Needs To Gain Weight?

One of the obvious reasons why one needs to gain weight is that they are underweight - have a Body Mass Index of less than 18.5. Being underweight also comes with health risks such as weakened immunity, fatigue, osteoporosis, anemia, premature birth, and impaired growth.

Aside from that, here are more conditions why one should need to work on gaining a healthy weight:

  • You are an athlete who has to train for the upcoming athletic season.
  • You are trying to increase your muscle mass.
  • You need to put your weight back on after recovering from illness or injury.

Our thinking of weight gain is often associated with adverse health impacts - overweight, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and more. However, weight gain is a result of the quality of your diet, physical ability, and overall personal goals.

Gain Weight With Pea Protein Powder

One of the recommended strategies for healthy weight gain is to focus on proteins. We all know that protein is an essential building-block nutrient necessary for muscle growth and repair.

Protein powders are one of the protein options for gym enthusiasts, bodybuilders, athletes, or anyone who wants a convenient protein source. Those who avoid protein sources from whey or casein protein have the option to turn to plant-based protein powders.

Most plant-based protein powders you see in the market claim that they can also help you gain weight. However, if you take a closer look at their label, you'll find out that they contain high levels of calories and sugars in them. That's definitely a no-no for healthy weight gain!

If you are looking for a low-calorie plant-based protein powder, give your attention to pea protein this time. You'll be surprised to discover that pea protein has so much to offer! 

What’s in Pea Protein?

The best feat about pea protein is that it is recognized as a complete protein as it has all nine essential amino acids! Yes, pea protein is complete with (1) histidine, (2) isoleucine, (3) leucine, (4) lysine, (5) methionine, (6) phenylalanine, (7) threonine, (8) tryptophan, and (9) valine.

Did you know that most pea protein powders have 80-85% protein? Furthermore, the general standard serving size of pea protein is 21g of protein. If we translate that to food, that’s almost equivalent to 3 ounces of lean meat, fish, or poultry!

Find all you need to know about pea protein. Click here.

Can Clean Lean Protein Help You Gain Weight?

Yes, Nuzest's Clean Lean Protein is not only good for weight loss, but it can also help you gain weight! Plus, it can be as effective as using animal-based protein. After all, our pea protein powder has a complete amino acid profile, and it is an excellent advantage for people who want to gain muscles.

Note that an increased muscle mass results in weight gain. As you take pea protein for excellent results, combine it with resistance training, a crucial component of muscle building and increasing muscle mass.

Furthermore, Clean Lean Protein is free from allergens. This is a perfect pea protein powder for those who want to gain weight but have particular food sensitivities like soy, eggs, dairy, and wheat. 

What Can You Get From Clean Lean Protein?

Clean Lean Protein is one of the few 'clean label' vegetable proteins that you can find in the market, giving you up to 88% of protein!

For every serving (25 grams or 2 scoops) of just natural Clean Lean Protein, you will get 21g of protein, covering 42% of your daily value.

Clean Lean Protein is low in calories. One serving of this pea protein powder only holds 106 calories, 2.3g of total fat, 0.2g of carbohydrates, and 0 sugar! 

Why Take Nuzest Clean Lean Protein?

  • Allows you to look, feel, and perform your best! Clean Lean Protein formula is suitable for all diets and all ages. It has the complete protein needed by every cell in your body.
  • Supports healthy weight management. Its excellent protein and low-calorie profile are best to accomplish weight loss and weight gain goals.
  • Sustains muscle repair and recovery. It provides the building blocks for vitality, restoration, healing, and muscle growth as a complete protein source.
  • Digestive-system friendly. It is easily digestible and light on the stomach. Thus, it won't make you feel bloated.

Gain weight the healthy way with our nutritious Clean Lean Protein recipes! Need one for breakfast, lunch, dessert, snacks, or smoothies? We got it all for you! Check out our catalog of Clean Lean Protein goodness on our recipes page.

What's the Healthy Way To Gain Weight?

The weight gain equation is simple: The more calories you consume than you burn, the more likely your weight will increase. Just like weight loss, weight gain also requires patience. It can be easy for others to achieve, and it can be difficult for some at the same time.

To gain weight means you will need to increase your calorie consumption. You need to know how many calories you need in order to gain weight, then keep track of it. Counting your calories will help determine whether or not you are gaining or losing weight.

Calories refer to the energy you acquire from food. The primary source of energy is your macronutrients, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. In weight gain, it is essential to balance out the composition of these macronutrients that you are going to consume.

How Much Do You Need To Gain One Pound Per Week?

Don’t forget to do weekly weight monitoring! If you aim to gain one pound per week, you need an additional 500 calories per day more than the calories you burn.

On the other hand, if you think 500 calories per day or a gain of one pound per week is too much for your capacity, you can tone it down to 250 calories per day for a half-pound weekly weight increase.

If you are taking pea protein to gain more weight while avoiding any body fat accumulation, you need to be mindful of where you are getting all the calories you consumed. Be aware that there’s a difference in the results when focusing on calorie surplus from plant-based proteins compared to sugary and fatty foods.

Your training program and diet quality will reflect the quality of weight you put on. Note that an increase in weight while working out regularly does not always mean you’re getting fat. You should know the difference. 

How To Check If You Are Gaining Weight the Healthy Way?

  • Check your body measurements. If you are losing inches instead of pounds, it just positively means that you are losing fat while you’re getting leaner.
  • Assess how you physically and mentally feel. Is there improvement in your mood? Do you like the newfound strength that you have built over time? Do you feel healthier than before? Any positive changes about your body are one way to see that all the hard work you have put in throughout the journey is paying off.

Start Your Journey with Clean Lean Protein!

Clean Lean Protein is not only good for weight loss, but it can also help you gain a healthy weight! Plus, it does not only enhances your protein levels but can boost your vitamin and mineral intake as well!

Nuzest's Clean Lean Protein is:

  • 100% Vegan
  • Low in carbs
  • Low in allergens
  • Gluten-, dairy-, soy-, and lectin-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Free from fillers, gums, and artificial preservatives

Flavors available: Smooth vanilla, rich chocolate, just natural, real coffee, wild strawberry, coffee-coconut + MCTs, chai-turmeric + maca, and vanilla mocha.

Clean Lean Protein

Clean Lean Protein is powerfully plant-based and contains all nine essential amino acids. It’s a natural source of iron and encourages recovery, vitality, muscle repair and growth.

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