Searching for the BEST Protein Bar in Singapore?
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Searching for the BEST Protein Bar in Singapore?

Clean Lean Protein Clean Lean Protein Bars

Nuzest’s Clean Lean Protein Bar has been featured in the recent Best In Singapore article

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Singapore has a range of protein bars on the market, but a very limited number of options that are truly healthy.  Nuzest bars are both vegan and sugar free and with this we already have been highlighted by the leading publication

Clean Lean Protein from Nuzest has been providing nutritional quality pea plant-based protein options in Singapore since 2015 and the ready to go Clean Lean Protein bars have launched.  There are three delicious flavours; Peanut Butter and Chocolate, Vanilla & Almond and Lemon & Coconut.

The new bar range has been made with convenience in mind.  Perfect for a post workout protein boost, or a midday snack to keep those hunger pangs at bay.   The Clean Lean Protein bars not only taste great but they are sugar free, packing a quality 12-13g of protein per serve.  Using only European Golden Pea protein, each bar has a complete essential amino acid profile including the necessary BCAA’s for optimal recovery.

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“With these new bars coming to market, it is exciting that we are being recognized early within the industry as leaders. We know that the plant-based protein bar space is an enormous market potential as more Singaporeans and those living in South East Asia continue to diversify and increase their protein intake.

Specially in Singapore the Ministry of Health recently has been on an educational campaign for locals to increase their protein intake, so the timing is perfect.” says Scott Larsen, Director Nuzest South East Asia.”

Nuzest was founded in 2011 by Australian based father-daughter team Trevor and Monique Bolland who are passionate about nutrition and dedicated to making people feel good. The Nuzest brand is centred on the belief that a healthy balanced lifestyle is essential, and that the foundation for this lies in good nutrition. More information on Nuzest, its products, and its story can be found at

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