Does Pea Protein Make You Gain Weight?
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Does Pea Protein Make You Gain Weight?

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You may already be familiar with the term protein. From the onset, it is common knowledge that proteins are bodybuilders. There are two main types of proteins: Plant protein and animal protein. For you to gain weight, proteins should not miss in your diet whether plant-based or animal-based.

What is Plea Protein? 

First things first. We need to know what we are talking about. Pea protein is extracted from split peas. To this point, we can now classify it as a plant-based protein.

Peas protein has been gradually gaining popularity as people tend to avoid animal proteins especially red meat. It is also a choice for lactose-intolerant people. Plant-based diets and vegetarians are increasingly promoting the use of pea protein.

Proteins are made of amino acids. Animal proteins contain all the nine essential amino acids required for an ideal protein. Plant protein on the other hand will lack one or more amino acid. Pea protein, for example, lack one essential amino acid called methionine.

Therefore, you cannot depend on it as your main source of "complete" protein throughout your daily diet. You will need to supplement it. Currently, food manufacturers are largely using this extract by mixing it in different foods.

Plea protein is also available in powder form. It is important to note that the extraction reduced some of the essential components in pea. Depending on the extraction procedure, the protein content in pea protein may range from 48% to 96%. 

Pea Protein Vs Weight Gain

If you are still wondering if pea proteins can make you gain weight, the answer is affirmative. Pea protein is a very effective supplement for building muscles. In an experiment, it was concluded that it can be as effective as some animal-based protein. After all, this extract is a concentrated form of protein.

Benefits of Pea Protein

Gluten-Free: People are tending to shift towards gluten-free diets. Thanks to the exposure to advanced nutritional knowledge. This makes Pea protein to be their run-to option. 

Healthy Heart: This is not any other protein that comes with fats to pile on the pressure of an unhealthy diet. It is fat-free and considered as a contributor to weight loss.

Good for The stomach: Contains no allergens or irritants that may cause any discomfort to the stomach. According to most users, it brings a sense of fullness.

Helps in Weight Loss: From the fact that it contains more proteins and low carbohydrates, pea proteins can be a very good component in a weight loss diet.

If you ever had your doubts about pea proteins, this should help you understand everything better than before. Not many protein sources will come with such benefits. 

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