Why Is My Clean Lean Protein Sweet?
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Why Is My Clean Lean Protein Sweet?


Nuzest's Clean Lean Protein is a premium pea protein powder that is 100% natural - it does not contain any artificial ingredients, flavours, colours or sweeteners.

So why does it taste sweet?

Other than the Natural variant - there is something that makes our Clean Lean Protein softly sweet.


The ingredient that gives Clean Lean Protein its sweetness comes from a natural plant source. Called thaumatin, it is actually a mixture of proteins that have been isolated from the skin surrounding the seeds of the West African katemfe fruit.

So essentially, thaumatin is a plant-based protein (just like pea protein) that happens to have a naturally occurring sweet taste.

In the United States, thaumatin is approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as one of three non-nutritive sweeteners (NNS) of natural origin. Over in Europe, the plant-based sweetener is one of 11 NNS approved by the European Food Safety Authority for use in food and drinks[2]. This means that these governing bodies consider thaumatin it be safe for consumption by humans, especially for diabetics.


As a protein, thaumatin contains only four calories per gram while having a sweetness that is 2000 times higher than sucrose[3].

Although its calorie count is the same as that of carbohydrates, this natural plant-based sweetener doesn't spike blood sugar levels when it is metabolised. In comparison, sugar (especially refined sugar) is a carbohydrate that causes spikes in blood sugar levels very quickly.

Besides having a low glycemic index, the natural sweetener is essentially a macronutrient that is required in large amounts by the body to maintain the health of muscles, bones, cartilage, skin, and blood[4]. Thus, it will not have hazardous effects on the body when taken in large quantities.

So, rest easy when nourishing your body with Clean Lean Protein - all you're receiving is just natural protein goodness.

Article by Patricea Chow 


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