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We have our eyes on a couple of items this year that would more than make our year in fitness and in health…

  1. MYnd Map My Journal
    Because it’s the ultimate road map to achieving your goals.

  2. LARQ Bottle
    Because it’s the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle and how cool is that?!

  3. Clean Lean Protein
    Because you deserve to have the ultimate lifestyle supplement

  4. Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden
    Because fresh herbs taste best on top of pizza

  5. ClassPass
    Because with so many great gyms to choose from, why choose just one? Variety is the spice of life!


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  1. Theragun
    Because who can say no to a massage wherever, whenever

  2. Liforme Yoga Mat
    Because ours are just about worn out and these are PVC-free, non-toxic and

  3. Pursoma After The Class® Bath Salts
    Because ‘relaxation of the mind, body and soul’ is our mantra for 2020.