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Lifestyle Advice

Alcohol and a higher than usual sodium intake will unfortunately leave you parched and dehydrated (que hangovers). If drinking alcohol, it is best to stick to the rule of thumb – one drink to one glass of water. Fizzy, drinks and juice should also be spaced out with water to prevent blood sugar imbalances however as alcohol is a diuretic it is essential to be more vigilant.


Why is dehydration a bad thing? A headache is mainly due to brain shrinkage. As we are comprised of 60% water, dehydration takes a toll on the body causing a decrease in cognitive ability and a sensitivity of the blood vessels throughout the body.


Drinking your daily 2L of water shouldn’t be neglected during the silly season. Nobody has time for dehydration and sluggishness, so drink up and enjoy!


Want our ultimate hydrating tip? Have a glass of Good Green Stuff daily. It is packed with electrolytes to ensure you are absorbing as much water as possible. Blend it with some strawberries, watermelon and cold coconut water for the ultimate in delicious rehydration. Plus, there are a ton of extra micronutrients and fibre to help look after gut health and you’re your skin glowing and eyes bright throughout the holiday season. #FeelrefreshedwithNuzest