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Here are our top 5 tips to prevent a silly season hangover


  1. Avoid dark hue drinks. According to research dark beverages contain chemicals known as congeners which irritate blood vessels and tissue in the brain. If you are sensitive, it is best to avoid all these drinks all together.


  1. Drink water between each glass. Yes, you’ve heard this one before we know. BUT breaking up your alcoholic beverages with water slows you down, helps with hydration and gives your liver a chance to process the alcohol.


  1. Ensure that you have had something to eat. By ensuring that you have something in your stomach, alcohol is not as readily absorbable into your blood stream. Prior to drinking enjoy a balanced meal with protein, carbs and fat. It is also beneficial to have an appropriate amount of nutrients in your system, supplements like Green Good Stuff are a perfect easily digested form of nutrients that will help kick hangovers, simply drink a glass before bed after a big night or sip one as a water break between glasses.


  1. A big drink before you sleep. Of water that is. Hangovers are essentially just your body being extremely dehydrated. Having a big glass or two of water before bed can help you wake up feeling that much better the next day.


  1. Get prepped for the following day. The day after a night of indulging in alcohol should be used as an opportunity to rehydrate, nourish and help organs push toxins out form the body. We suggest stocking your house with plenty of nutritious foods and drink to consume the next day to support recovery (and so that hungover you don’t have to be left making all the big decisions) such as loading up the fridge with fruit salad, roast veggies and comforting smoothies. Dry body brushing and consuming extra water helps to speed up the detoxification process and replace fluids lost the night before.