All You Need To Know About Basal Metabolic Rate
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All You Need To Know About Basal Metabolic Rate

There are many easy and effective ways available on the internet that can help you lose or gain weight without much hassle. But to stay safe and prevent any mishap, why don't you go for a way that is properly calculated and accurate? Finding your BMR, aka Basal Metabolic Rate can help you lose or gain weight according to the readings and calculations with ease and precision.

1. What Is Basal Metabolic Rate?

A human being's BMR rate is an estimate of how many calories you would burn just by doing nothing and resting for 24hours. The Basal Metabolic Rate represents the least amount of energy that you would need to keep your body functioning and alive, which includes breathing and a functioning heart. The basic concept of the Basal Metabolic Rate was first developed to compare the Metabolic Rate of different mammals. It was also important in a clinical context as a way of determining the thyroid state of human beings. The BMR of the mammal changes with body mass, with the same allometric exponent as the field metabolic rate as well as the many biochemical and physiological rates.

2. Why Is The Basal Metabolic Rate Important?

Knowing your BMR is very important when it comes to losing or gaining weight. The BMR helps count the calories that you would have to consume to help reach your goal. For instance, if you want to lose weight, then you must eat fewer calories than the number stated in your BMR result. Monitoring your BMR is proven to be an effective tool when managing your health, weight, and body fat.

3. How Does Contribute In Weight Loss/Gain?

As mentioned above, the Basal Metabolic Rate helps a person determine how much calories you must intake to improve your health, decrease or increase body fat, and stay healthy overall. It is also proven that the BMR is not effective on all bodies but is known to be beneficial for many. Basal means base, so the Basal Metabolic Rate helps find out the calories you must take each day, enough to keep your base body working and functioning while losing body fat.

This is all you would need to know about BMR and how it is beneficial for a human being when losing, gaining, or maintaining your body fat and weight. We hope that this guide will help you stay healthier and safer while having the right diet for your body.

Ways to Increase Your BMR

Fortunately, there is much you can do to increase your BMR simply by making slight changes to your current lifestyle habits.

1. Put in more protein

With more protein in your meals, you can boost your metabolism through TEF or thermic effect of food. Protein causes the largest rise of it, plus it has that added bonus of making you feel more full. When you feel full, you won’t overeat. Plus, it offers the distinctive advantage of keeping your metabolism from dropping off when you lose fat by preventing muscle loss. Essentially, protein is great to put on your plate!

2. Spice up your life

When you’re trying to get your body to a healthy weight to look and feel your best, adding a little spice will not only give your meals more flavor but also give your metabolism a kick. Chili peppers contain capsaicin that can translate to an added burn-off of 50 more calories each day. While that might seem small, capsaicin also reduces your appetite which will keep you from overindulging. 

Another one to add aroma and flavor while helping your BMR goals is ginger. Even ginger powder mixed with hot water to sip during your meal can help you burn almost another 50 calories right there! Cayenne pepper can help you increase your fat-burning powers too but it tends to work best if you’re not used to eating spicy things. 

3. Have coffee and tea

Good news for coffee lovers! The caffeine in your morning cup can help boost that metabolic rate enough to shake off stubborn weight, though it’s not always guaranteed. Your weight and age have an impact on that as well. If you’re adding cream and sugar to your coffee, now would be a good time to cut down on those things to get the benefits of coffee, or even go for green coffee extract as a weight loss supplement instead. 

Rather have tea? Make it green! Green tea has both catechins and caffeine that can help rev up your metabolism so much that you may burn off an additional 100 calories per day simply by drinking it. But like coffee, it does depend on your age and weight for effectiveness per person, however, catechins are wonderful your overall health so give it a try.

4. Have something sweet

Train your taste buds to enjoy cacao. While much is still being learned about its benefits for humans, it may be able to break down both carbs and fats during your digestion process. Choose the raw form of it and when you feel like having something sweet, nibble on it to curb your cravings. 

5. Don’t dwindle on hydration

Part of your problem might be that you’re not drinking enough water. And if you’re drinking sugary drinks too, that’s only going to make weight loss more challenging. Not only can water help you lose weight by cutting down your calories but it can also speed up your metabolism in spurts. The colder the water, the better too, according to the experts. So drink it up before, during, and after your workouts. If you have trouble controlling portions, drink a glass of water 30 minutes prior to eating to help you.

6. Know how to exercise

Walking is a wonderful way to get started on your healthy journey, especially if you’ve never exercised before. That being said though, if you want to increase BMR, you need to increase your activities as you make your way to your goals. Try HIIT (high-intensity interval training) where you do quick, intense activities in bursts. This type of workout keeps your metabolic rate increased even after you’re done exercising. 

Lifting weights can help too, burning more calories for you every day even when you’re at rest. This will help you keep muscle and fight the metabolism drop that typically accompanies your weight loss, essentially jumping over that plateau to reach success. 

Challenging your body by mixing it up is important. When you do the same things every day and week, your body gets used to it. Shake things up to see results, and whatever you do, don’t forget to stretch to help improve your muscle recovery. 

7. Make use of the sauna

If you have access to a sauna at your gym, use it! After a workout, it can extend those benefits from your workout though even on a rest day, it will give you an increase in metabolic rate that will stay with you hours later. 

8.  Just sleep

Most people don’t get enough sleep and it shows in lack of performance in all areas of life. What’s most surprising though is that a lack of sleep can increase obesity. Sleep deprivation does horrible things to your metabolism. If you’re eating right and doing all this hard work on your exercise, make sure you’re not sabotaging your efforts by not sleeping enough. 

9. Reset your metabolism through intermittent fasting

If you hate counting calories, try intermittent fasting. It might even be more effective than restricting calories. This doesn’t give you the green light to eat anything you want during your eating window, however it can provide that boost to your BMR and other health benefits you might just want to explore. 

10.  Get up, stand up

It’s a fact that most people have jobs that require hours of sitting. That’s only gotten worse during the pandemic since many people have been working from home, eliminating the usual walking around the office. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to get up every 20 to 30 minutes or get an adjustable standing desk to avoid sitting so much

And if you are getting out there in the world, be sure to find little ways to move more. Get off your bus or train a stop or two earlier and walk the rest of the way. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park further from the entrance at a store to get more steps in. All these little lifestyle changes will translate to boosted BMR and your best chance of weight loss success that lasts. 


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