5 simple and affordable ways to save 500 calories every day!
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5 simple and affordable ways to save 500 calories every day!

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Keeping healthy and having a beautiful body is not only about starting a diet occasionally after an accelerated new year's resolution. It's about building a habit, something you are doing differently every single day. Only this type of modification lasts for long enough if you want to make a change in your body shape, your levels of fitness, and your health.

If you need some help to achieve these meaningful changes, we have gathered 5 simple lifestyle modifications you can try. They will contribute to reducing 500 calories or more from your diet every day.

#1 Use a standing desk or an adjustable desk converter

Most people don't know what a standing desk is. It is simply a desk you can use while standing up instead of sitting on a chair. If you spend 3 hours or more sitting, you can buy a taller desk you can use standing straight or an adjustable converter to lift your screen and keyboard and use them in a standing position.

You don't need to be standing 3 hours or more. Alternating between standing and sitting will do, and without noticing you will be burning more calories than you think.

#2 Walk instead of driving for short rides

This is a simple piece of advice we can all apply, and it saves money while helping us burn extra calories. It's as simple as identifying when you can actually walk for 20 minutes instead of driving. If you're heading to a nearby grocery store, eating out, or going for a coffee with your friends, consider walking instead.

You can burn up to 100 calories with one of these short walks, and it can be quite relaxing and entertaining if you're having a beautiful day outside. Thus, don't be afraid to go out and move for a little while.

#3 Eat more protein

As simple as that. Protein intake with a bit of exercise is the best thing you can do to lose those extra pounds. Instead of using high-carbohydrate foods like a toasted sandwich, go for chicken breast and a green salad. This dietary modification will increase your muscle mass and your daily calorie consumption in the process. Additionally, protein will keep you satiated for a longer time compared to carbs.

#4 Go for a quick run to start your day

Starting your day with energy is another way to give yourself a lift. According to studies, one of the best exercises to burn fat is high-intensity exercise, even in short bouts. So, you can wake up 15 minutes earlier, take 5 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to go for a run, lift some stairs or complete a few sets of burpees.

Doing this will give a fresh start to your day, and one special thing about high-intensity training is that you will be burning calories at rest, especially if you do it in intervals. So, keep that in mind.

#5 Drink cold beverages

People usually think we burn more calories in hot temperatures, but it's quite the opposite. Cold temperatures increase your daily caloric expenditure. This may be one of the reasons why one study found that drinking 6 glasses of cold water throughout the days helps people burn 100 extra calories every day. So, use that on your favour and drink cold water throughout the day.

Adopting these 5 lifestyle changes will not be an extra weight on your pockets, it doesn't take much extra time, and it will not be a pain. All you need is to make them a habit, and the best way to achieve this is by repetition. So, don't waste your money in fad diets and start your real changes right away.