Pearlly Luo - Fitness and Health Advocate
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Pearlly Luo - Fitness and Health Advocate


Pearlly is a wife, working mother and a tough cookie who believes that she can accomplish anything if she sets her mind to it. Despite a busy working schedule, her greatest motivation comes from her desire to be a good example to her 4-year-old son. In August 2018, she made the commitment to strive towards a healthy weight but found online information both overwhelming and conflicting.

With an open mind, she embarked on a quest to seek out knowledge, engage in discussions and ask questions. In fact, she calls herself a lifelong student and is continues to learn about nutrition and exercise daily. Through her own experience, she hopes to be able to inspire other ordinary women like her to regain their health, looks and confidence. Pearlly doesn’t believe in quick fixes; she is a testament that healthy relationships with nutrition and exercise will inevitably result in sustainable, long-lasting results.

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