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Farah | Competitive Bodybuilder & Personal Trainer

Farah is notoriously known for her discipline and training routine. She is a competitive bodybuilder & trains most days of the week besides juggling a full-time job as a nurse.

When asked how she does it all and if she has helpful tips to share, these are her golden nuggets: 

  •  You need a powerful “why” to achieve your goals because motivation is not going to be with you every day

  •  With discipline and grit, you are on your way to achieving your dreams. 

  •  Plan your workouts & stick closely to them. You will be more committed to following a scheduled training plan. 

  •  Food & Nutrition is an important part of achieving your fitness & body goals. Choose wisely and keep yourself accountable.

Her goals are to be on the fitness stage representing Singapore and help women achieve their health & fitness goals. 


Farah's favourites are Clean Lean Protein in Rich Chocolate and CLP bars in Peanut Butter & Chocolate to supplement all her nutritional needs and aid in muscle recovery.


Follow her Instagram page: @farah_fitnurse for more fitness tips and future shows to follow.