Luke Tan
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Luke Tan

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Luke Tan | Integrative Breath and Performance Coach


Luke is an author, integrative breath and men’s health coach. He is also the co-host of the online wellness event the Plant Fit Summit and Plant Based Asia Summit. He is passionate about elevating strength in his clients to achieve new levels of consciousness.


Having a background in NLP and hypnotherapy (Ericksonian) Luke has interviewed and coached 100s of individuals on fitness, nutrition, mental health and healthy ageing. He is also a licensed Unbeatable Mind Coach.


On a personal level, Luke has experienced his archetypal descent. In his past life, he was in a corporate role out of shape, plagued with chronic asthma and lacked direction. Down in the depths, he slowly clawed his way out of depression, reinventing who he was, and what he stood for. On the growth path, he also managed to heal himself naturally by re-learning how to breathe. This sparked his journey into breath work and becoming a certified Breatheology trainer.


The method was created by Stig Severinsen, a champion free diver and Guinness World Record Holder. It involves a combination of practices and tools that will help you balance the body, and calm the mind while tapping into new levels of physical and mental strength to deal with life’s many challenges.


He believes that the planet will be a better place if more men live fully A.W.A.K.E for their families and the world at large. Aware of their inner truth stepping into the Warrior within and leading with Authenticity, Kindness while Expressing their unique value to the world.


Connect with Luke on Instagram @luketanco and Linkedin