Jasmine Goh
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Jasmine Goh

Jasmine Goh | SG Marathoner & Motivational Speaker


Jasmine's story started in 2011 when she struggled to finish a 2km run at age 32. Six years later, Jasmine finished fourth at the 2017 Southeast Asian Games. A decade later, she represented Singapore at the 31st SEA Games Marathon. 


These days, she is not just running for herself or her children anymore. Instead, she also runs to inspire others.


"I can use my story to inspire people to aspire towards sporting dreams. And I don't want them to think that you have no chance just because you're 42," she said.


Jasmine also founded X-Trailblazers, a trail running community exploring trails in Singapore. The group is dedicated to introducing trail running to runners of all levels and has successfully organised many run clinics and events, local and overseas. 


Follow more of her inspirational stories on Instagram at @go_jasminegoh


Photo Credit: Fiona Hakim