Ms Oktaviani
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Meet Ms Oktaviani


A mother’s love knows no bounds. It was the driving force behind Ms Oktaviani’s inspiration to cook and eat clean. Her young son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 ½ and also has epilepsy and lactose intolerance. This led her to find a way to prepare foods at home without using processed ingredients.


A continual master of the kitchen that seeks out organic produce and hormone-free meats, she taught herself how to make real food without the MSG, processed carbs, sugars, or glutens. Seeking the best for her now nine-year-old son’s health, she diligently shares her efforts with others who have the same mission.


Originally from Indonesia, she has been living in Singapore since 2001. Now a citizen, she has become a beacon for those seeking healthier ways of eating through clean and unprocessed foods. Building her knowledge from years of reading books on nutrition and consulting with a variety of nutritionists to meet Stan’s needs, she offers her insights through her Instagram (@n3fn3f) and freelances for Nuzest®. 


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We’re proud to have Ms Oktaviani contributing to our site to help you further your healthy and clean-eating lifestyle.


“People find it challenging to make 'real food' because they are not familiar with the ingredients. But once you start learning, it is much easier to substitute processed ingredients for real ones. It is not difficult to make real food if you put your heart to it.” – Ms Oktaviani