Articles by Patricea Chow

“I love moving in rhythm to a beat—I do yoga, pole dance, HIIT & Pilates to trance music! Combined with daily 10-minute morning positivity & 10-minute evening gratitude mediations—a habit I picked up during a 10-year stay in Bali—they get me in to a meditative state where my body, soul & mind unite in peace. This enables me to develop creative content marketing initiatives.” MOVE: Camatkarasana, flying chair widow pole spin, rhumba walk EAT: Durian, raw cacao nibs, coconut water, matcha green tea LIVE: Front zip sports bras, trance music BREATHE: “Today was the Tomorrow you were promised Yesterday.” ~ Stacey Pullen ESCAPE: Writing in my journal & my soon-to-be-published book of prose; anywhere with friends who make me laugh until my belly aches; reading Paulo Coelho, J.R.R. Tolkien, Neil Gaiman; dance

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